Franchise System

Why can only Women Entrepreneurs Open b-fit?

B-fit only  the franchise opportunity to women entrepreneurs because it aims to increase women’s strength in economic and social life by promoting women entrepreneurship and creating employment for women.

What is the b-fit System?

B-fitis a sports system for women, which allows you to do 30-minute station workouts. The exercises consist of hydraulic equipment through which you exercise by your own pull-push power and platforms on which you can do activity. Inclining even those who are not so prone to sports towards proper and effective exercise, this exercise makes you stay fit and maintain a healthy life by improving your cardiovascular system.

Who can open b-fit centers?

Every woman who is an entrepreneur and wishes to do something for herself can open a b-fit center.

What should I do to open a b-fit center?

We give franchise only to women and center owners do not need to have any sports training or experience. And the characteristics you need is to absolutely and unconditionally have a smiling face, have a solution oriented approach rather than a problem oriented one, like to spend time with other women, be hardworking and prefer participating in life rather than escaping in the face of difficulties.

How much capital do I need?

The cost of opening a b-fit center is 40.000+VAT for Istanbul, and 35.000+VAT for other cities. Franchise fee includes special b-fit machines and equipments consisting of 18 stations, b-fit member tracking computer program, human resources support, 4-day applied training for you and your trainers, orientation at a center which continues 2-day activity, 4-day center opening support, ad and promotion support, franchise manual which contains all kinds of information which you will need to open and manage a center. Moreover, we will be working with you at every phase of opening such as finding a location, center signboard/façade coating and internal decoration.

Will support continue after opening the center?

Our collaboration will absolutely continue after you open the center. For organization in compliance with headquarters standards after opening, you will be receiving constant support from Purchase, Corporate Communication, Quality Control, Franchise, Information Processing and Internet, Training and Marketing departments. And the cooperation with  the headquarters team will be carried out by your special Customer Representative.