b-fit tarihçe

The idea of a sports and wellness center for women emerged when Bedriye Hülya, one of the founders of b-fit participated in a similar system in America and slimmed 2 sizes by spending just 30 minutes a day working out.
Having been founded in 2006 upon the concourse of 6 women who are specialized in different fields, b-fit readopted a 30-minute exercise system in a format to be welcomed liked by Turkish women and put into practice.
The purpose of this organization is to offer sports and a social setting for women and encourage them to gain their independence, promoting women in terms of entrepreneurship while meeting their sports requirements.
b-fit is different from other gyms in this sense. Having incredibly developed from a small idea, b-fit offers more than 600.000 women in 50 cities with its 220 centers, and provides all kinds of support necessary for a healthy life.