With Işın Karaca...

Işın Karaca-We all know who Işın Karaca is. What can you tell us about what we don’t?

Well, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I don’t like being too much in the media. I’m a singer. I very much like producing, living as much as I want, spending time with my family and friends. I recently gave birth but this is not a reason to restrict my life. I take my daughter and we wander around with my daughter.

- b-fit encourages women to work. It is difficult to be a working woman. What do you think about that?

Being a woman can be difficult. Acting beyond the expectations and norms for us is hard. Like every woman, my family comes first for me. I’m a very lucky individual. I was given a job I love. I can have my work around my family because I don’t have a job that is between 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening. 

- How was your pregnancy? What did you do for yourself in that process?

Well, I went on my usual life. I ate everything, I never restricted myself. My concerts continued until the last two weeks. I had tension problems due to sadness for my dad’s disease in the last month of my pregnancy and eventually I had an early labor for our daughter Mia. Thank God, she had to stay in intensive care unit for 2 days. I put on total 8 kilos during my pregnancy. I was only minus 8 kilos for the first 8 months. I mean when I gave birth, I was at the weight I was before I got pregnant.

- Did you have the habit of sports during your pregnancy? If yes, what kind of a program did you prefer?

My pregnancy was during summer and I just walked and swam a lot. But I did these every day. I should have done sports during pregnancy. And as a sports lover, my husband encouraged me to constantly move.

- Did you have time for sports post pregnancy?

Well, I’ll explain what I believe. Our babies make us do all kinds of sports. But I have an extra effort all the time. We have a sports room at home and I have myself there as long as I find time. But swimming is my favourite sports.

- In a short time your daughter Mia will turn one. How do you feel about that?

Time has passed too quickly. I remember the birth as it happened only yesterday. May God give health to Mia and all children and forbid dark days. I could cry whenever I look at her. This is an indefinable picture of love.

- Would you like Mia to be interested in sports in the future?

Sure. A sports agenda from ballet to tae kwon do is waiting for her. Her father wants her to be interested in motor sports. But Mia will decide herself.

- How do you spend time with your child? What do you do together?

Well, I don’t restrict anything in my life. She comes with me when I meet my friends. We go shopping together. She participates in the shots at my husband’s studio, she loves being with us so, we never restrict her and leave her at home.

- Do you like cooking? What kind of a person are you in the kitchen?

I prepare the meals myself at home. Mia now eats our meal, so we are comfortable. We usually prefer vegetable meals. We don’t buy any other oil but olive oil. We are nuts about vegetables and fruits as a family.

- What does healthy life mean to you?

I have chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. I have a thyroid problem. I wake up with medicine every morning. So, I have to be very careful about nutrition.  Although I live a healthy life, I can gain kilos and so I have to be very careful. It’s been a long time since I stopped eating all white poisons but I have to try hard to loose weight now.

- Do you have any suggestions about leading a healthy life for Turkish women?

We, Turkish women, always live for others. But it is not so difficult to steal two hours for our selves. We have to do this. We sometimes have to live for ourselves. This can be sports, or another engagement, even reading a book; we absolutely have to have such time. I have to like myself. I have to love the woman in the mirror. And this starts with personal development. A healthy mind and a healthy body. We all want to see our granddaughters. So, we have to give effort to this.

- b-fit offers the chance of private sports and wellness, and it promotes women’s entrepreneurship. What would you like to say in this regard?

Particularly, our national female athletes are incredibly successful in the recent times. Sport is a way of expression, just as music. Success will be with those who work hard.

Işın Karaca