Our Values

Our Values

Quality: b-fit meets the needs and expectations of members, franchisees, employees, partners and suppliers in the uppermost level through its monetary and intangible sources.

Responsibility: It is our duty to meet the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders even outside the related departments. It is also our duty to ensure all our stakeholders fulfil their obligations in the most qualified manner in the face of such responsibility.

Respect: It is b-fit’s indispensable feature to accept and recognize the presence and ways of people from every language, race and age particularly women to the fullest extent and without judgement.

Inspiration: It is essential for our stakeholders to with creativity, dedication and thought beyond the reguired solutions.

Positive and supporting approach: We would like to have a stance which pushes us to fulfil our potential in our relationships with all our stakeholders and motivates us through positive questioning.

Scientific perspective: We aim to act after questioning the us based on scientific principles and providing scientific evidence for the benefit.

Belief: What is special about us it that we use all opportunities whenever we can and work hard to go beyond the expected result.