Breathing comes First

Breathing comes First Breathing comes First But how can we do this?

As the number of movements and speed increases, the oxygen requirement of the body also increases. What we should do is change the oxygen requirement of the body to the correct amount at this point.

And this occurs in the contraction phase when the muscle needs oxygen most, i.e. when blood is pumped to the muscle.

We can manage this by breathing out at the same time when we are forced by a movement therefore breathing in at the time when we do the movement is more comfortable.

Problems which may occur in the exercise if no attention is paid to breathing? As a result of holding breath when there is burden on the muscle during exercise; the intrapulmonic pressure increases and as a result of this, the amount of blood returning to the heart decreases and the efficient functioning of the heart is disrupted because the resistance in front of the heart increases.

Smoking before exercise increases the resistance of the airway. This manifests itself by excessive respiration and  an increased heart rate. 

It is likely to have difficulty breathing and a relapse of diseases in advanced age groups and people with hypertension and heart disease as a result of excessive burden on the muscle.

In short, breathing comes first !

Breathing comes First