Stress and Sports

Stress and SportsWith the developing world, feeling formations which are defined as “stress” occur in people as a result of coping with change in life styles, labor, unemployment, increase in responsibilities, climatic changes, diseases, ideational differences, adolescence, death, birth, disease, agedness etc.  

Stress is a significant source to form the basis of many diseases both in human psychology and physiology. Therefore, we should primarily make it our life style to stay away from stress. We can divide stress into good and bad. For example: when reaching solutions for the circumstances which we consider unsolvable and are under stress, leads to an increase in self-confidence, it will also provide us with determinant methods in producing solutions in the possibilities of encountering the same problems in the future. Whether positive or negative, what is important in such circumstances is the individual’s high physical and mental power. The importance of sports also stands out in an efficient way at this phase.

Sport is the most natural and cheapest solution in coping with stress. People who regularly do sports are more vigorous both and physical and mental terms, healthier and more self-confident when compared to people who do not do sports. Moreover, what we feel at the time of stress can create physical consequences similar to what we feel at the time of a regular sport; and regular exercise will have a positive effect in the person’s directing this process at the time of stress as well because it helps the person direct her body and breath in the correct way in case of increase in blood pressure and pulse.

Above all, it was scientifically set forth in many studies that sports increase the endorphin hormone in the body and that this hormone secretes happiness. A slow tempo jogging or an exercise program in the morning will help us begin the day more vigorous and stronger. Through swimming, yoga, dancing, walking in the open air and the sports and healthy life centers where we can socialize in addition to sports, and all kinds of physically relaxing sportive activities will help us finish the day peacefully. This will make us continue our lives in a healthier way by helping us discover the power in our body in stress management and giving us the power of healthy thinking.

Do sports, stay healthy.

Stress and Sports