Aslı Yurtalan

Aslı Yurtalan İkiz b-fit Istanbul Yeşilköy

Hi, I’m Aslı Yurtalan İkiz. I was born in Istanbul on 05.10.1970. I’m married with 2 daughters one of which is 10 and the other is 6.

I saw b-fit when I was doing some research on the internet. I liked it because it was only for women and it was a place where women can feel themselves special. I also wanted to include sports into my daugters lives and my own life and bring this awareness to this topic.

Franchisee' has her own rules. You are obliged to keep up with the headquarters you are connected to. It requires much more responsibility compared to an independent enterprise. But this is a good thing in terms of making your own advertisement and introducing yourself.
Today, if you say "b-fit", it is recognized as an organization with more than 200 centers in Turkey. It is a great advantage to be involved wtih this group for all center owners in terms of executing marketing and sales.

With b-fit, my life livened up and my way of life changed. I now have an business for which I am responsible. Rather than just its financial returns, I feel pleasure for doing something for myself and for women. B-fit is like a therapy center for me and all my members.
A Franchise system is a system with responsibilities that need to be undertaken. The team that you work with is very important at this point, because this is a teamwork. Certainly, franchise requires effort and hard work like all businesses. Nobody can earn money while sitting around :)

Aslı Yurtalan