Nevin Beydoğan

Nevin Beydoğan b-fit Denizli Çamlık

I’m married with 2 children. I graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. I had working experience in corporate companies for 11 years before b-fit. As I wanted to raise my children myself, I paused my working life for 6 years, and I missed working a lot… I returned to my beloved work life in February 2012 with b-fit Denizli Çamlık center.

I searched  for a job suitable for my personality and perspective on life in which I can make use of my 11 years of work experience, and at the same time be happy, I also preferred the service sector.  The work that I’d be dealing with should have had communication in it, it should have respect and a benefit for human beings and I should have believed in the thing I sell to the fullest extent and this was absolutely b-fit.

A Franchise system is under the roof of a brand. The operator who tries to do business an their own can only, after time, effect those arond them. A franchisee can have an effect from day one. In the franchise system, the investor starts the work as a part of an established running order. However, the independent investor can only creates this order through his experiences.

The enterprises can usually have problems in finding places, employees, trainings, financial matters, marketing, reporting, and finding consulting support in legal matters while they progress towards of success.

However, the operator of a franchise has these supports from the first day.

You can know everything, you can learn everything but things we know and things we will learn are no use if you don’t apply them, bring them into action.

In short, what I know gains meaning with b-fit, now the things I learn will also have a meaning…

I would like to share my opinions for everybody who wishes to establish their own business… The keenness and excitement felt by the person towards his business is the biggest reward.

While starting and continuing a business, they should be able to consider that the problems they encounter have more than one solution, they should be able to imagine, and listen to their inner voices. They should be able to prefer differences rather than similarities, take risks, think practically, and be consistent and resolved. They should be aware of their own talents, express them, and help others express their talents.

Nevin Beydoğan