Şafak Bahadır

Şafak Bahadır b-fit İstanbul Avcılar

I was born in 1965. I’m married with 2 children. I graduated from the Department of Mathematical Engineering of Istanbul Technical University.

Since I became a member of b-fit, I have always wanted to “have my own gym”. I liked the system a lot. Being only 30 minutes was very attractive for me and I lost weight within the period I participated. I thought “Where can I open one” and I researched it during summer holiday. When I came back to b-fit at the end of September Yasemin told me than she “wanted to assign it”. And I took this opportunity, said this must be mine and told her that I wished to take it over. And then, after contacting the headquarters, my dreams became true.

With a b-fit franchise, you are connected to a place. Today, people give importance to brands and this way you are connected to a brand. As a person who is not at all aware of this business, I underwent certain training. I owe much to b-fit team; endless thanks. If you are on your own, you cannot go beyond the neighbourhood. But this way you are in an enormous family.

Many things changed in my life after b-fit. My self-confidence was back and I was trying to find a job after pausing my working life for 6 years. Now, I have a job and I have always wanted to open a workplace of my own since my youth. This became a reality with b-fit.

I’m extremely happy to be a part of b-fit family.

Şafak Bahadır