Şeyma Aslan

Şeyma Aslan b-fit Ümraniye Elalmış

Hi, I’m Şeyma Aslan. I began sports when I was 8 because my father was a trainer. We had our own gym and I can say I grew up in that gym. I began with karate and placed the third in Istanbul in the first competition I competed. Firstly, I received my karate trainer certificate and then fitness second level trainer certificate. I have been a trainer in b-fit since 2008 and I finally received a franchise. I’m married with one daughter and she is growing up in b-fit like I did, I’m so happy to be a part of b-fit.

I was absolutely going to open a gym for myself one day, so this was hot something surprising. I heard about the start of Ümraniye Elalmış b-fit center and at that time I made my decision and else happened in one day, everything happened too fast. I did not think of anything at all because I knew b-fit and trusted it …

Having a franchise and knowing that there is a center supporting you gives you power and confidence.  I think there is no need to think for long open a franchise from b-fit which is the biggest sports chain in Turkey.

I’ve been in b-fit for years and now I do the same things in my own b-fit as I did in the b-fit I worked for. I’ve now organized my whole life accordingly; I moved my house, everything is getting better and I think this will cantinue as time goes by.

I think b-fit is a very fast spreading chain and it is a corporation which substantially provides service for Turkish women. I can guarantee that women can completely trust b-fit and will be in the right place.

Şeyma Aslan