Elif Erdoğan

Member of b-fit Ankara Yıldız Center
I could not wait to write my story. I’m a member of Ankara Yıldız center.

My adventure started about 2 months ago and it continues with a wonderful success. I did not know what I was going to meet when I made my way to the physician as a result of my migraine attacks, dizziness and heart-throb. After a number of examinations, I was diagnosed with “Reactive Hypoglycemia".

This is something known by those who have experienced it; it is impossible to heal without moving.

The reason why I chose b-fit is because my dietician supported it when she learned that I went to b-fit and she told me that this is the way of sport she recommends her patients. I was much more enthusiastic after that explanation and my visits to b-fit became frequent. I became went there 3-4 times a week and lost so 6 kg in 2 months by sticking to my diet. Besides, I incredibly slimmed because I lost much fat.  b-fit really lets you lose a lot of incredible fat. We are in a wonderful dialogue with Yasemin and the trainer Evren in the Yıldız center. The trainer is really effective. I would like to thank the trainer for not leaving me alone in my journey of weight loss.

Wish everybody the benefit with b-fit...

Elif Erdoğan