Nihal Atay

Member of b-fit İzmir Bostanlı Center
First, I had to make a decision. I was either going to spend my life with the kilos I gained due to menopause and the health problems caused by the kilos or have a better more of life.

Finally, I met b-fit bostanlı and I’ve been a permanent member since 18.02.2011. Here, the sport I do does not force me and it gives joy as well.

This was a miracle for the me. The place of the miracle was the b-fit and our teachers (I say my daughters) who welcomed us with a friendly manner and helped us exercise, they were the main heroines of this miracle. I lost 5 kg in the first month. I slimmed 36 cm. My happiness grew as I lost kilos. Because of this my health problems also started to reduce. My knees used to hurt me while I was climbing up stairs and I was then able to climb up and down 470 steps in the historical place of “Mersin Paradise Inn” with no problems.

I found peace, had my healthier life back, made new friends and tried to go there 5 days a week, and felt guilty when I could not; I am happy I met b-fit bostanlı.

Thank you
Nihal ATAY

Nihal Atay