What is b-fit system?

It is a sport system for women, which allows you to do your 30-minute station work outs. Station exercises consist of hydraulic equipment with which you exercise through your own power of pull-push and the platforms on which you do aerobic exercises. Inclining even those who are not prone to sports to pursue proper and effective exercise, this exercise helps you keep in form and develop your cardiovascular system to maintain a healthy life.

Why 30 minutes?

Practiced all over the world, this system is proven to provide the daily sport that every point of the body needs for 30 minutes. Through this 30-minute exercise, all muscles of the body work to meet your aerobic requirements. This is an exercise required for a healthy life. Station exercise also the most calories among 30-minute exercise programs. It provides quick results and everybody has 30 minutes to spend for themselves!

Why is it affordable?

  • b-fit provides services for women at every age and from every income group to live a healthier and happier life.  It provides the same quality of service all over Turkey in the most affordable way.
  • Therefore, the b-fit system was created by keeping all expenses at a minimum level.
  • Rental expenses are low because there is no need for a big place to do sports and activities in the b-fit system.
  • the machines within the b-fit program are custom made for b-fit without an intermediary firm.
  • The machines were chosen for their functionality rather than appearance.