Practical Suggestions on Snack Consumption in Health Nutrition

Practical Suggestions on Snack Consumption in Health Nutrition According to the specialist, a healty diet consists of 3 meals and 3 snacks. However, for many people, not only snacks but even meals are replaceable. They can easily sacrifice breakfast for more sleep, and lunch to complete the pending work before deadline.

Your metabolism makes you pay a heavy price for leaving the body hungry. Having been unable to have both the calories it needs and the satisfaction of eating all day, the body takes more than it can burn at dinner. This irregular order is considered to be one of the reasons for weight gain and several digestion problems as well as inability to rest well at night and beginning the day tired.

Snack consumption is considered the solution to overcome overeating at dinner. According to information given by the specialists, where the calories come from is very important. Simple carbohydrates are quickly burned and turn into energy but they lose their effect very quickly and are stored as fat in the body if taken excessively.

Digestion of the calories from protein takes longer and helps burning calories during digestion as well. Proteins have a bigger and more complex structure than carbohydrates and therefore the body has to burn extra calories during their digestion.

Moreover, proteins provide a longer feeling of fullness. According to the specialists, blood glucose stays in balance for a longer time after protein consumption when compared to after carbohydrate consumption and the feeling of hunger appears after a longer time.  

Proteins can prevent the slow-down of metabolic rate by protecting the muscle tissue. The basal metabolic rates of the individuals with more muscle ratio in their body, i.e. the calorie burning speed of a stable person are much higher when compared to the individuals with a lower muscle ratio. Therefore, protection of the current muscle tissue gains importance in weight loss and protection. The bars with high protein content in the market both reduce the consumption of sweets and called healthy and practical snacks.

For a healthy nutrition, attention should be paid to regularly eating the calories needed by the body from the correct nutrients.  Not skipping the snacks and choosing to nutrients with high protein content which suppress the appetite creates a difference in daily life…

Although fullness for a long time and healthy nutrition are perceived as concepts at two different ends, actually they can easily come together by practical suggestions such as protein consumption during snacks. What is important is that you make sure that you add a sufficient amount of protein to your diet…

Practical Suggestions on Snack Consumption in Health Nutrition